SeaTac Airport - Low cost valet parking & 24 hour free shuttle, 3 blocks from terminal.
"Best Value" awarded by Seattle Magazine reader's poll.
Local, family owned & operated - 3 Generations - since 1952.
15 day smart card - $9.50 per day (excludes one-time airport/city fee, LWS, and sales tax)
Rate at $9.50 per day. Subject to state sales tax.

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$142.50 Include in my purchase
Holders of this Smart Card get low parking rates - second only to our 30 day Smart Card. You do not need to make a ***reservation, just drive up and park! SAVE BIG save on higher Port of Seattle and City of SeaTac fees that are normally added onto your parking stay each time you travel. This rate is 9.50 per day plus, 10.10% King County sales tax, Living Wage Surcharge (LWS) $0.75 per day, and a one time Airport/City fee of $24.45 totaling $196.20

*** BLACKOUT PERIODS APPLY These include arrival dates surrounding Thanksgiving (Nov 18 - 30) and Christmas Holiday (Dec 18 - 27) and are listed on the back of the physical card. However, new Smart Card purchases and the Smart Card rates are honored during the blackout periods with an advance reservation. These are high volume dates and reservations well in advance are advised.***

  • $9.50 daily parking rate times 15 days = $142.50
  • LWS, $0.75/day, Plus one time access/city fee, Subtotal is $178.20
  • $178.20 times 10.1% King County sales tax = $18.00
  • $178.20 subtotal plus $18.00sales tax yields a total of $196.20