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Data Encryption and security
Use this section of the web site to see how we protect the information stored on
Our web site uses SSL, or secure socket layer, technology. This technology, also called data encryption, scrambles information while it is sent from your web browser across the internet to our web server. This technique prevents your private information from being stolen by criminals as it is transmitted across the internet. You can tell when your connection is encrypted by viewing the location window where the URL of the current page is shown. A secure connection is prefixed with https:// while an insecure connection is shown as http://

SSL requires a certificate of authentication. This acts like a security- clearence on the internet. When a business obtains SSL, an organization (in our case Network Solutions Inc.) performs a background check on the business hosting the web site. If the hosting entity proves trustworthy, a certificate of authentication is granted and put on the web server. Then the SSL connection can operate smoothly.

We use SSL anytime you are exchanging personal or financial information with HB Extra Car, LLC. This includes profile information on the sign-in pages, and credit card information in the checkout process.

We do not use SSL on the rates page since no private information is being transmitted, only shopping basket information. When you decide to purchase your shopping basket, you enter the checkout process, which is secured.

SSL security should be used only where necessary, since the scrambling of information takes processing time and causes web pages to load slower. This is another reason why SSL is not used on the storefront.

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